Rays of hope through the clouds

Dance Paws sadly had to say good-bye to our beloved longtime (and only) manufacturer, Massachusetts-based Cardinal Shoes.  Because of this unexpected manufacturing transition, Dance Paws currently has a major crunch in its inventory for the first time ever! 
Rays of hope...
We are thrilled to begin a new relationship with another superb US-based manufacturer in Arizona. Our inventory will be re-stocked within the next few weeks. It's obvious our customers are still loving Dance Paws as you've all bought just about every last one we have!! 
Well, we love you too, and Dance Paws will be re-stocked soon. As always, with each pair of Dance Paws skillfully hand-stitched, manufactured in the US, designed by dancers for dancers, our only goal is to provide the highest quality for the ultimate in performance and durability.
To all our wonderful customers: Please stay healthy and patient - our best dance is yet to come!
Lizzie Amy Dan Jamie Nikki Levi & Brian
The Dance Paws Team