Rays of hope through the clouds

Clouds...     Dance Paws sadly had to say good-bye to our beloved longtime (and only) manufacturer, Massachusetts-based Cardinal Shoes.  Because of this unexpected manufacturing transition, Dance Paws currently has a major crunch in its inventory for the first time ever!      Well, we love you too, and Dance Paws will be re-stocked soon. As always, with each pair of Dance Paws skillfully hand-stitched, manufactured in...

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Dance Paws fit tight, and that's a good thing!

Hey there dancers, dance teachers, friends & family of dancers, choreographers, dance merchants - this is Brian again from Dance Paws.  Technology has taken us to a place where an ocean of information is at our fingertips. We can search for, and quite literally find anything and everything. So in the world of Dance Paws, that is, high-performance dance footwear for the barefoot dancer, what information is...

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A Hello from Brian, an Owner and Founder of Dance Paws

Hey! This is Brian, one of the owners and founders of Dance Paws. I've been a professional dancer, teacher & choreographer my whole adult life (mostly based in Boston and NYC). I was a dancing colleague of Jamie (the designer of Dance Paws). At the time, barefoot modern dancers like us commonly dealt with the toe splits, friction-burns etc. with surgical tape (usually heated with a match...

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