info including closeup photos

How much padding is in the Padded version? 

It's a very thin layer. When looking at the edge closely you can barely see the yellow edge, and on your foot it looks exactly the same as the Basic sole. It feels very similar to the Basic sole, with just a little bit of cushion. 

The toe holes are way too small. What is up with that? 

Some people need to customize them for a perfect fit. A tiny cut makes a big difference, instructions here. 

Where are the Adjustables? And Traction?

We have discontinued the Adjustable and Traction Dance Paws, but we have some remaining in stock. Contact us to see if we have your size. 


If your Dance Paws have a defect in manufacturing or materials, we'll replace them.


To extend their life, occasionally wash and lay flat to dry. Always be gentle when putting them on and removing them. 

Foot Paws 

Dance Paws have been called Foot Paws and can be used for martial arts, capoiera, yoga, fitness classes like Zumba, Nia or 5 Rhythms. 


If you have pain from metatarsal neuralgia, you can use a gel pack, and for a few minutes you can get some pain relief with a frozen gel pack,  held in place by your Paws. 

High heels

Dance Paws will stay in place on your foot, even inside a shoe.

Account Password Managment

To change your password, click Account, then click Forgot your password? Enter the email address we have for you, it will send a link. You may need to log out before you can do this.


Before 2023, there were never taxes on Dance Paws because they were made in Massachusetts, where there are no taxes on clothing under $150. The factory and shipping are now in New York, which does charge tax on clothing.