Dance Paws fit tight, and that's a good thing!

Hey there dancers, dance teachers, friends & family of dancers, choreographers, dance merchants - this is Brian again from Dance Paws. 

Technology has taken us to a place where an ocean of information is at our fingertips. We can search for, and quite literally find anything and everything. So in the world of Dance Paws, that is, high-performance dance footwear for the barefoot dancer, what information is useful to us as dancers, directors and choreographers? Comparison articles are out there, such as "Review of The Best Modern Dance Footwear”, "Dance Paws vs. Foot Undeez" ... you can find them. A quick read will definitely inform you how dance folks see and compare the different products available. Here's what you will find out about Dance Paws. 

We are durable! After all, it was working dancers who started Dance Paws. Each pair of Dance Paws is made from high-quality materials and  hand-sewn in the United States. As dancers, durability was key for us, and we built into our company ethos that our product needed to last!

Another thing you will learn is that at the first wearing, and maybe for one or two more after that, Dance Paws are TIGHT to the foot. And since I'm a dancer talking to dancers, let me be clear: I mean TIGHT!  But like my countless pairs of ballet slippers (or really any type of dance footwear), that tightness eventually morphs into a secure, foot-forming comfort that is not only physically comfortable, but allows for the mental comfort of knowing that your footwear is now a part of you. As dancers, whatever we put on our bodies has to become one with our body. The tightness of Dance Paws evolves fairly quickly into a form-fitting and high-performance piece of protective and supportive dance footwear that is the highest quality product on the market.

Another thing you will learn is that Dance Paws have 5 toe holes. That means each toe has to be placed into each tight little hole. This takes a few more seconds but ultimately contributes to security in knowing that Dance Paws is one with your foot. And honestly, considering the HUNDREDS OF HOURS of training and rehearsals, do we really need to save a few seconds in getting our footwear on? Really? 

Finally, Dance Paws cost more. The fact that each pair is hand-sewn, that we have always, and will always, manufacture right here in the US, and that we are more durable, justifies the higher price.

In my dance bag, I nearly always had a couple of different pairs of ballet slippers, jazz shoes and hip-hop sneaks. Rips, tears and malfunctions happen. I was endlessly experimenting with what felt best and worked best. Dance Paws started a trend and changed the game. Numerous knock-offs have followed us, and there are several products for the barefoot dancer to choose from. But the qualities Dance Paws are best known for - durability and performance - are the reasons you should always have a pair of Dance Paws in your dance bag.

Made by dancers for dancers. 

Dance Paws.  Save your sole.

— Brian