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Made in USA

I love dancing barefoot but it just rips up my feet. When I wear Dance Paws I feel like I'm barefoot and my feet stay healthy. They really save your feet. Dance Paws are wonderful!

Mark Meismer

As a barefoot dancer I have suffered painful damage to my feet. Until now I resorted to using tape because nothing else worked. Dance Paws successfully prevent rips and tears. They are amazing!

Leah Cox

I love how Dance Paws don’t wear and tear so fast, and how they don’t move around. I never have to worry about my paws coming off while I’m dancing.

Jon Bond

Cushions bony areas of the foot. Solves a lot of problems for barefoot dancers.

Heather Berest

Dance Paws are heaven sent.

Meagan Doheny
male dancer flying