Jamie Huggins, the creator of Dance Paws is a professional ballet, modern and jazz dancer, with a myriad of dance companies to his name.

Pardon the pun but he’s left his footprints at, amongst others; The Luba Ash Dance Theater in NYC, The Louisville Ballet and Lexington Ballet, The Berkshire Ballet, Ballet Theater of Boston, The New England Ballet, Impulse Dance Company, Dance Collective, The Roxy Dancers and is currently Associate Artistic Director at The Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble. At time of writing he’s still dancing at 50 years young, because dancing keeps you young! If ever there was a classic case of necessity being the mother of invention, Dance Paws is it.



Jamie was tired of the painful splits and tears on his soles, and wasn’t satisfied with the products on the market for barefoot dance–they all shifted underfoot.

Eureka! A brilliant idea and a heavy-duty sewing machine later the first pair of Dance Paws was created. Instant success, as Jamie says, ‘I knew I had something when I put on the first pair of Dance Paws that I made and did four perfect pirouettes four times in a row!’

Getting Dance Paws to market was not quite so instant, though. In fact it took ten long years of cutting and sewing, bloodied thumbs and exacting scrutiny from his wife, Nicky, who refused to accept anything less than perfect. It also took the dedication of others, and here seems a good place to say ‘thanks.’

So thanks to Nicky, to Brian, who multi-tasks as an amazing dancer, a dance teacher and is also the company’s lawyer. To Brian’s wife, Lizzie, the business brain that gels us creative types into shape, and thanks to Amy, a graphic design whizz, who takes care of our daily operations; finally, to Dan, our technology guru. In fact not finally at all; thanks to our investors, who believed in us and the product, and massive thanks to you dancers who’ve bought a pair of Dance Paws – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Dance Paws started out as and will always be a worker owned business. Every pair is handmade in the USA, and whenever we can we source materials locally, to aid the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint. We are absolutely resolute in providing good working conditions and fair wages.

Keep on dancing!